Diana Hiscock

Diana Hiscock has been figure skating since age 5. Throughout her skating career Diana earned numerous awards and titles as a competitive figure skater and synchronized skater. She began competing out of the Langley Figure Skating Club and later joined the Cloverdale Figure Skating Club.

Diana’s passion for skating continues to grow through coaching and she believes the key to skating success lies in hard work with positive reinforcement. Diana has proven to be an asset to the Elite Team as the Head Coach for Elite’s Afterschool Learn to Skate program, in addition to coaching Tyke’s Hockey and Edge, Power & Stride Classes. A professional skating coach since 2006, Diana has completed the National Coaching Certification Program and specializes in proper skating technique, emphasizing proper positioning and stride technique. When Diana is not busy at the rink she can be found coaching two different soccer teams and spending time with her husband and three children.

Wayne Gretzky once said, “If you can’t skate, you can’t play our game”.

For the last 4 years I have watched the extraordinary job Coach Diana has done teaching my 2 young children how to skate. She has given them both a strong skating foundation to have fun playing hockey.

Inspired by what my children have already achieved in their young skating lives, I asked Diana if she could teach me to skate. Within a few months of working with Coach Diana, I can skate and have a realistic goal now to play on a women’s hockey team. 

Coach Diana does an incredible job at breaking down the technique of skating and building on the skills learned, thus creating confidence on the ice!

I highly recommend Coach Diana to anyone looking to learn to skate (at any age) or looking to take your skating to its maximum potential. 

– Mylee Ross, Physiotherapist, Co-Owner of Physiostation and Sports Injury Clinic 
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