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Kim Marfleet

Kim is the founder of Elite Skating & Hockey Development and creator of Edge, Power & Stride classes, specializing in technical skating development for hockey players. She is located out of the Langley Sportsplex in British Columbia.  Kim teaches private lessons, small groups and entire hockey teams, teaching advanced skating efficiency and proper body alignment.  Kimberly’s technique and skating drills are easily transferable into game situations.

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Brendan Marfleet

Brendan demonstrates a proficient combination of powerful stride & advanced hockey skills, making him an exceptional Edge, Power & Stride, Specialized Hockey Development & Tykes Hockey head coach with Elite. With over 8 years of coaching experience, Brendan’s enthusiasm and passion for hockey is contagious.

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Diana Hiscock 

Diana has been figure skating since age 5. Throughout her skating career Diana earned numerous awards and titles as a competitive figure skater and synchronized skater. Diana is Head Coach for Elite’s Learn to Skate AND Edge, Power & Stride Classes.

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Becky Sawatzky

Becky figure skated competitively for years, growing her passion for the sport and ability to expertly navigate specialized edge work, spins & jumps. This enabled a seamless transition into professional coaching. Becky has been an integral part of the Elite Team for the past four years and is currently head coach for the Intro to Figure Skating Class & the Learn to Skate Classes.

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Reegan House

Reegan is one of the most advanced and proficient skaters Coach Kim has had the pleasure to work with. Originally a student at Elite Skating, Reegan has demonstrated an aptitude to mastering the mechanics that are required for efficient and powerful edge and stride work. Now, as a coach, Reegan continues to push himself and his students to focus on developing proper skating technique, always pushing the boundaries to develop new skills.

Assistant Coaches

Junior Coaches

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